in red hook

185 Van dyke st.


HotBox is a mobile sauna serving the NY Metro area. The sauna hosts residencies across the five boroughs (and beyond), connecting communities through heat, health, and conversation.  


Made from sustainably sourced Canadian Hemlock, HotBox is an 8’ x 18’ unit fit to accommodate up to 10 people at a time. Guests are encouraged to split their session into 10-15 minute rounds in the sauna, breaking to relax and hydrate.

HotBox is committed to providing a safe and positive space for all people to feel good and sweat.




Where are y'all?
We're currently in Red Hook, smack dab in the middle of Steve's Key Lime and Valentino Park. Great views, better vibes.


How hot does the sauna get?
It gets hot. The temperature is typically kept at 170-180 degrees Fahrenheit.


How long can I stay in the sauna?
We recommend doing a few 5-15 minute rounds. 


What does a session cost?
A 90 minute sauna session is $45 and includes plenty of H20 and other daytime + nighttime refreshments. If we aren't too busy, longer hangs are always welcome.


What about rentals?
Sure, we do that. Shoot us an email here with rental details and we'll chat.


How many people fit in there?
The sauna can fit 8-10 people. 


What should I bring?
We recommend bringing a swimsuit, towel, water bottle, and sandals. 


What if I forgot?
No sweat. We rent out comfy robes and towels for $5.


Can I change into stuff there?
Definitely. We have changing rooms on site.


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