currently @
Roberta’s pizza 261 MOORE STREET, BROOKLYN
Hours Saturday: 11a-2p + 6p-8p and sunday: 11a-2p

*email us about weekday rentals + join our mailing list for monthly party info

We’re HotBox, New York’s first and only public wood-burning sauna on wheels. We serve the five boroughs hot heat as a sanctuary away from the city.

HotBox accommodates 8-10 people at a time. Kept at toasty 180 degrees, visitors are encouraged to split their session into 10-min rounds, breaking to relax and hydrate. Each session includes a towel, plenty of H₂0, access to a cool outdoor shower, and lots of hygge (that's Danish for "cozy good times").

HotBox is a safe and positive alternative self-care space for all to feel good and sweat.

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Where are y'all?
We’re currently @ Roberta’s in Brooklyn, the famously delicious pizza joint (and so much more).


How hot does the sauna get?
It gets hot. The temperature is typically kept at 170-180 degrees.


How long can I stay in the sauna?
We recommend doing a few 5-15 minute rounds. 


What does a session cost?
A 90 minute sauna session is $40. If we aren't too busy, longer hangs are always welcome at no additional cost.


What about events?
We got ‘em. We host monthly events and donation-based sauna parties. Join our mailing list below for the updates.


What about private rentals?
Sure, we do that too. Shoot us an email here with rental details and we'll chat.


What should I bring?
We recommend bringing a swimsuit, towel, water bottle, and sandals. 


What if I forgot?
No sweat. We have plush robes and towels available for rent.


Can I change into stuff there?
Definitely. We have changing rooms on site.


We believe that quality of life is elevated when you make time for human connection and take pause for self-preservation. At its core, HotBox exists because we want to offer the benefits of sauna to our community as an alternative space for social and mental well-being.

For friends who want to make sweating more a part of their routine, check out our membership offerings.


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